Colt Winchester


Name: Dean Winchester
Alias’: “Colt”
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthdate: (01/24/79)
Country of Origin: United States
Birthplace: Lawerence, Kansas
Ethnicity: White
Past Occupation: Navy SEAL, mechanic, hunter and at times a cop
Current Occupation: Works for the Blackwater Agency under pretenses of being a pilot and team leader.
Language(s): English, Spanish and Arabic
Religion: Doesn’t much believe in religion.
Came from a family of hunters on his Mom’s side. His father and mother both hunted on occasion but managed to keep the family stable till she was killed in action when Dean was young. His father became bitter and abusive after that.
Dean took care of his younger brother Sam. Sam angry that Dean would not just leave their father and walk away with him led to Sam leaving and Dean being the soul receiver of John’s abuse, things went from bad to worse. At seventeen he nearly beat Dean to death after finding out Dean had been raped by several members of the highschool football team he quarterbacked for.
John was unable to accept his son couldn’t have stopped it. Dean spent six weeks in intensive care after the beating. John had scared even himself that day leaving Dean to fend for himself. Dean turned to the military where he enlisted as a mechanic. Wartime called for heavy deployment and Dean soon found himself front and center of it. His hunting skills proved extremely useful in combat moving him up the ranks in record time. His commanding officer told him he thought Dean should try for the teams. And that is what he did putting forth all his effort towards that one goal.
During BUD’s Dean fell victim to assault again, the teams are hard you’re put through hell trying to toughen you up for capture and interrogation. His commanding officer took things way to far leaving Dean even more messed up than before. He never complained and the rest of the recruits had not been there so no one knew but he and Granger the guy who’d done it.
Granger stayed on his ass trying to get Dean to quit which he wouldn’t pissing Granger off further. So anytime Granger could he disciplined Dean until it turned into something else entirely. Dean became extremely submissive to Granger which Granger took advantage of. Dean graduated BUD’s was picked up by the Teams and for at least the first couple of years stayed in a secret relationship with Granger until Granger ended it finding a younger version of Dean to prey on.
During his last tour he was captured, an extraction went bad and their rendezvous had been compromised. Rescued eighteen days later by his unit lead by Ethan Knight, Colt retired from the teams suffering from severe mental trauma. They began a secret romance after that and eventually married.
Arriving in a town called Rutherford that was experiencing weird anomaly that was best described as an aurora borealis look and feel. Colt and Ethan found it overrun with the walking dead. Something they’d never seen before. In and effort to free the last remaining survivors Dean was overrun and killed. Ethan in his grief disseminated the town with his angelic powers and then revived Colt only to discover that they’d been thrust into an altered reality with no way home.
The two struggled with bouts of jealously and fights. Recently they called it quits for good. Ethan moved on quickly leaving Colt to try and recover. Colt met his alter self and the Mark of Cain jumped to him. Now he’s trying deal with the ramifications.
((See list of ongoing rp parnters for alternative sl’s based on facts above. Jake Valance is his primary partner.))
Education: High School Diploma, extensive military training, PADI certified instructor, NREMT certified paramedic. Licensed for a MPL pilot and commercial can operate rotorcraft and fixed winged.
Weapons/Offensive equipment: You name it he can operate it.
Transportation: Several vehicles
Recent pictures:
Blood type: O Negative
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 185
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair: (color and length) dirty blonde, short and spiked
Skin: (Color/complexion) medium and freckled
Shoe size: 11
Figure/build:  Muscular
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Tribal wings across his shoulder blades
-Scars: four inch scar near the middle of his back.
-Clothing style: Depends on his mood and activity.
Currently lives: Malibu, California
Living Arrangements: Condo on the beach.
Hobbies: Diving, flying, playing music and cookies among other things
Strengths: Strong sense of duty to protect.
Weaknesses: Impulsive and self destructive
Love interest(s): Jake Winchester, Castiel (He’s got a weakness for Cas.), Maddison Moore (Finds he’s attracted to her but not sure what to do about it.)
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: Anything good.
Virgin?:  Nope
Drinker?: Yes
Smoker?: Yes
Drug user?: At times
Other addictions?: Sex
Pet peeves: Bossy women, can’t stand them.
Personality: Easy going, moody at times
Disposition: fun loving
Likes: Details
Dislikes: Laziness
Motivations: Wants to be able to find the one guy who suits him and they are happy
Morals: Depends on what’s going on.
Fears/Phobias: Being buried alive
Favourite food: seafood
Favourite drink: beer
Favourite color: black
Favourite sport: Football—
-Parents: John and Mary Winchester (His father’s alive in his dimension, mother died)
-Siblings: Sam Winchester
-Other close relatives: none
Friends: Castiel, Benny
Offspring: None
Enemies: Normal bad guys and shit that goes bump in the night
Pet(s): None for now
Sexual Kinks: Dirty Talking: The act of speaking in a typically explicit manner to provoke sexual stimulation from a participant, sometimes one’s self; often in the context of seduction or foreplay.
Handjobs / Fingerjobs: The act of sexually stimulating or being sexually stimulated to the point of climax by direct, physical contact of the hands or fingers to the genitals.
Inexperienced Partners: Refers to players whose characters are sexually inexperienced and/or naive (typically younger or virgin characters), or an interest in RPing with such characters; does not refer to the RPing capabilities of the player.
Massaging: The act of receiving sexual stimulation from receiving or giving a massage to a non-sexual part of the anatomy; often associated with command/obey play.
Masturbation: The act of stimulating oneself sexually, usually utilizing physical contact from the hands or fingers.

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