#TerminalVelocity – Chapter 1

Jo had put some miles between her and Dean. Now a few weeks later Jo had rented a small travel trailer to work her current job. Research had shown that several deaths had occurred in this sleepy little town. The victims had some things in common like being street racers who had all won locally and they all had the same wounds. It looked like a scalpel had been used, the lacerations were all precise and had the same pattern on all the bodies. She planned to visit the local sheriff’s office soon. But tonight she would visit the local hot spot.

Jo thought to herself it could just be some whack job that was skilled with a blade, but she wasn’t sure. So she would have to do some more investigating. She decided to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. The small fridge in the travel trailer was small but would hold enough food for a day or two. As Jo drove she looked around, the scenery was beautiful, this place was thick with trees. It was a green everywhere you looked.

Completely different from Death Valley. The sun over head shown brightly. There was no reason for her to feel like this unless you took in to account being alone. Jo tried to abate the misery she felt but it was there lingering. She had the email Sam sent her about ten times. Sam always paid attention to the details. His emails help keep her sanity. But after being around the Winchesters and Castiel had made the loneliness even worse. Jo willed herself to clear her mind reminder the job and take things one day at a time.

Jo pulled into the drive of the country market and had to smile. This place reminded her of the roadhouse. The place hadn’t been painted in a decade. There was an old coke machine sitting outside with a tired looking bench. She could imagine the older crowd sitting there talking about fishing. She smiled to herself and thought if only that was what we all had to look forward to. To some people that might not sound like much, but to Jo it beat what she knew was coming a hundred to one. Her smiled faded then as Jo walked into the store. The aroma of fresh baked bread and fresh coffee made her stomach grumble. An elderly man stood behind the counter. He smiled and waved at her. Jo waved back, but headed to the counter where fresh bread was being displayed. Well her dinner options were looking up.

After picking up what she needed Jo headed back to her place. When she reached the door her cell went off. Jo frowned it was her mother. Jo answered the phone ready to hear her Mom’s voice. But it was Sam’s voice on the line. Jo asked immediately what’s wrong with my Mom. Sam told her to calm down, Ellen was fine. Jo managed to get the door opened and sit the groceries down. Why are you using Mom’s phone, Jo asked Sam. Because I was worried about you and knew you wouldn’t pick up if you saw one of our numbers. Taking off her jacket Jo put the groceries away. I’m sorry Sam but I needed some space. Look call me back in a few minutes alright and we will talk. Sam hung the phone up and thanked Ellen.

Ellen not sure what to make of Sam worrying about her daughter just turned around and went outside. Sam went into the kitchen to find Dean. He was wolfing down a burger Ellen had made. Sam told Dean to slow down or he would choke. Dean smiled exposing parts of his hamburger. Sam shook his head and sat down across from Dean. I got Jo on the phone. That caused Dean to put the hamburger down. He finished chewing and asked what did she say. Not much, said asked me to call back in a few minutes, she was busy.

Dean took a drink from his beer. He stayed quiet for a minute and looked Sam in the eyes, look man she is safer when we don’t have contact with her. You know that Sam , yet you keep sending her messages and try to call her. Sam’s turned dark, how do you know I’ve been sending her messages? Dean smiled, I might get called a monkey but I’m not handicapped. I can use a computer. Sam just let it go. Jo and I well things just aren’t going to work. To much getting in the way. Sam looking tired, rubbed his eyes. Sam told Dean I’m not calling for you, I care if she’s alright. With that Sam got up and walked away. Dean stared off after his brother. Dean missed Jo but being around him would get her killed or worse. Dean hoped Sam’s friendship with Jo remained that, because his brother was dangerous even if he didn’t mean to be.


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